Southern Pines:

Menu for The Kitchen at Nature's Own

The Kitchen is open Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm • Saturday 9 am-2 pm

Nature's Own brings together an impressive array of products and services in the natural health department. Nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, vitamins, homeopathic medicines, body care products for health and beauty. (And be sure to check out the "Refrigerated Goodness" cooler across from the deli for chilled acidophilus and flax oil products.)  You'll always find a natural health staff member ready to help you with your specific needs.

Start enjoying a healthier lifestyle with natural food products from Nature's Own.

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We carry locally produced products like honey and local fresh vegetables.

195 Bell Avenue  •  Southern Pines, NC  •  (910) 692-3811  •  Hours: Monday-Friday: 9 am-6 pm   Saturday: 9 am-5 pm   Sunday: Closed